Tuesday June 15, 2021

What threatens free Wi-Fi?

Nowadays, our own Wi-Fi is not such a luxury. However, there are people who are not averse to using someone else's network. And now we are not only about free Wi-Fi in a cafe or airport, but also about a regular home network. In other words, a neighbor, which a friendly neighbor did not shoot. And you are happy? It would seem what to spend money for if there is a free Internet behind the wall? And, in fact, your connection will not hurt anyone? But it only seems at first glance. And in certain situations, such a naivety can come out sideways to you as your neighbor.

Option 1 - base with Wi -Fi

Sometimes, we do not even pay attention to which Wi-Fi we connect. Flying? Well, good! Sorry for the precious megabytes of mobile Internet to spend? As if not. Some attackers can specifically create an unpacked network to which naive users are connected. Thus, they will be able to get certain data that you would definitely not want to share. The other day, with Mikhail, the head of our site, a rather interesting story happened. On the street, a guy approached him and so you think? I asked to distribute the Internet. It is doubtful that it could be some kind of self-taught hacker who decided to hone his skills. But vigilance still does not have to lose. Nowadays, we must be careful about strangers and their requests.

Option 2 - All the Internet

When connecting to an unpacked Wi-Fi neighbor and use it to the full, in the end it will definitely not lead to anything good. For example, if this neighbor sees the virus, then the device can also suffer from this. It all depends on the type of virus, operating system and the reliability of your antivirus.

Do not forget that if when connecting to someone else's free Internet, the administrator of this Wi-Fi point will have all the information about the device, possible payments, phone number and the like. Therefore, do not be surprised that you have started a strange advertising or unknown numbers call you and offer your services. And even worse, if the money begins to disappear from your accounts.

In addition, there are no guarantees that only you connected to this neighbor. Probably, there will be several more freebies in the house and it can also cause problems. For example, you may not even realize that you have a hacker outside the wall that will collect your data. Or vice versa, the virus will spread or set malicious software that will be carefully hidden into the system.

Option 3-Free Wi-Fi = Bad Wi-Fi

So, if several neighbors connected to an unpacked network, and everyone at the same time began to watch a movie, play online games or load something from torrents, it is doubtful that there is enough speed at all. That is, in all these processes they will slow down. This means that you will definitely not have pleasure from the free Internet. Therefore, it is better to have your own, but fast. imagine that online casinos can be a sideline, casino-in.gr or a new job that can make you a lot of money.