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About ALT

The Anti-Labor Trafficking Project (ALT) hosted by the Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF) was established in May 2009. ALT works to combat human trafficking, particularly in labor exploitation, andworks to provide protection and legal assistance to victims of labor and human trafficking in Thailand. By bringing together law enforcement officials and non-governmental organizations, ALT seeks to improve cooperation and communication between these organizations and assist in the prevention of labor trafficking.


Thailand is a destination and transit country for men, women and children, who are subjected to forced labor and commercial and sexual exploitation – all of which represent forms of trafficking in persons or human trafficking. In Thailand, persons (particularly from foreign countries, and of these, from Burma) are often subjected to conditions of forced labor, such as restrictions on movement, unlawful withholding of passports, non-payment of wages, threats and physical or sexual abuses. These victims of trafficking often have little or no access to mechanisms that protect their rights.


In light of this, the ALT unit provides legal assistance to victims of labor trafficking in Thailand. ALT works to identify, protect and represent the victims; prosecuting the trafficker/s in the relevant courts and fighting for lawful compensation for the victims. Overall, the project aims to promote a better understanding of human trafficking among national and local government officials responsible for the implementation, investigation and prosecution of cases falling under the Anti-Trafficking Act; to draw public attention to trafficking cases occurring in Thailand; to provide expert legal representation to victims; and to build understanding as well as provide awareness of the relevant laws to high-risk migrant worker populations and migrant communities at large. ALT is supported by the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (Solidarity Center).

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