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Anti-Labor Trafficking Project Human Rights and Development Foundation

Thailand is seen as original, destination and transit country of forced labor, another form of trafficking in persons. Those laborers are sold to work in long hours in the worst conditions imaginable. Some are physically threatened and some are unpaid or paid minimally. Victims have no protection or rights. Anti-Labour Trafficking Project provides legal assistance, pursuing the trafficker and gain compensation for victims.


1. Legal consultancy; providing legal aid to victims of trafficking in forced labor. To prosecute the trafficker, and gain compensation for victim

2. In cooperation with government agencies and private sectors to apply the Anti-Trafficking in Persons law enforcement effectively and pursue the appropriate legislation on the trafficking in person problem in Thailand.

3. Advocacy campaigns to promote and protect the rights of forced labor and combat human trafficking.

Experiences and Activities

1.Provide legal aid to labor trafficked person

2.Provide training and workshop to government agencies and civil society organisations on The Anti-Trafficking Law

3.Cooperate with government and civil society organisations in anti-labour trafficking activities

4.Provide database to void the Regulations Labor Ministerial Notification on Fishing Boat (No.10)

5.Collaborate with government agencies to fully enforce Section 37 in The Anti- Human Trafficking in Person B.E. 2008 Act and to enforce The Anti-Trafficking Law to charge entrepreneurs

6.Publish handbook/manual to promote rights of trafficked person according to anti trafficking, compensation and relevant laws.

7.Advocate campaigns on website, brochure etc. to raise awareness in society on human trafficking.

8.Cooperate with the Anti-Human Trafficking Network to improve the government’s Policies and monitor government’s implementation on anti trafficking law

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